Frequently asked questions

Where should I situate my research project on the map?

  • Once you have clicked on the location map in the Add a Research Project section, a second map will appear below and you can then select a second location.

My project isn't focused on one location, and will have results for the whole of Australia what region should I select?

  • Please type Australia-wide into the Region text box.

How do I upload my research project into the Coastal Research webportal?

  • Please click on Login/Register (under the Welcome tab above) and then click Create New Account and follow the steps. Once you have registered you will see an additional tab at the top of screen entitled Add a Research Project. Some fields are mandatory, these are marked with a red asterisk.  
  • Hint: Before adding your research project, please add research agencies by clicking on Agency (under Create Content in top left hand menu) including the institution conducting the research, funding and/or partner agencies.  If you have any feedback or specific questions please Contact Us

I have uploaded my research project but it isn't showing on the map or in the summary table - why is this?

  • Once your research project has been uploaded it will be checked by our moderators. If slight changes are necessary you will be notified and once you have submitted again, the moderator will clear your project for publishing. Your project will appear on the map shortly afterwards.

How do I find links to coastal data?

  • Please select from the menu running down the left hand side of screen.
  • Links found in Data Links are also allocated to one of the State, Commonwealth, National or International headings.

What are Creative Commons licenses?

  • Creative Commons licenses provide an easy and internationally accepted way to share material under a suite of standard licenses.

When adding my research project and agreeing to Creative Commons license, what I am actually licensing?

  • You are only licensing the publishing of your research summary information and related links - this does not extend to the data and/or content found at those links.

Your feedback is welcome and encouraged.

If you would like to ask a question please Contact Us