About us

Learn more about the Coastal Research Web portal, including vision, background and aims.


To present Australian coastal research projects (both current and past) in a spatially explicit way so that research is able to be visualised at different scales and by various topics. The research summaries provided are short, in plain English and without the use of acronyms. Links are provided to freely available data and to more detailed research reports.


The Australian Coastal Councils Research Forum established that coastal councils have a low awareness of the range of coastal research currently underway and research which has been completed. Due to limited budgets coastal councils regularly employ consultants for small-scale research projects and often the data collected is retained by the consultant.

CSIRO committed to create the Coastal Research Web Portal at the Australian Coastal Councils Conference. The portal lets coastal councils and other stakeholders find information on coastal research projects, identify research initiatives in their local region, and access the findings of projects.


The web portal aims to:

  1. enable an overview of coastal research,
  2. provide a portal for researchers to upload their coastal research projects (current and completed), and
  3. provide an opportunity for a range of stakeholders, including researchers, to explore research interests and needs.


  • The Coastal Research Webportal was developed and delivered by CSIRO with the assistance of the project Steering Committee.
  • Funding is provided by Australian Coastal Ecosystem Facility and CSIRO.

We are proud to help coastal councils access, utilise and implement the latest science and research.

This is an Australian Coastal Ecosystem Facility (ACEF) project under TERN (Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network).

TERN is supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy and the Super Science Initiative.

Steering Committee:

The Coastal Research Webportal has been developed with the guidance of the steering committee members.

A special thanks goes to steering committee members who volunteered their time, expertise and extensive knowledge to guide the development of this site.

  • Mr Alan Stokes (National Sea Change Taskforce – Executive Director)
  • Dr Neil Lazarow (Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Science and International Adaptation Branch – Assistant Director, Coastal Adaptation)
  • Prof Bruce Thom (Australian Coastal Society – Chair)
  • Dr Donovan Burton (NCCARF)
  • Assoc Prof Andy Steven (CSIRO – Our Resilient Coastal Australia Theme Leader)
  • Cr Jan Barham (Mayor, Byron Shire Council and Member NSW Legislative Council)
  • Prof Tim Smith (Sunshine Coast University – Director, Sustainability Research Centre)
  • Mr Tim Pritchard (Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet – Manager Waters and Coastal Science Section)

Launch Timing:

The Coastal Research Web Portal was launched at the Australian Coastal Research Forum in Hobart on 5 March 2012. This event was a prelude to the Australian Coastal Councils conference, and was hosted by the National Sea Change Taskforce.